Personalized Fitness Solutions

MissFitness provides unique, individualized Personal and Small group dynamic fitness and strength training in a fun, safe and comfortable environment. No two workouts will be the same but we will measure your success and give you a baseline.

Nutrition & Grocery Store Visits

MissFitness identifies specific changes in your diet that make a big difference in weight loss. Meet your diet goals by finding healthy and beneficial items to put into your body by learning how to read labels correctly, paying attention to the calories, protein, sodium, and fiber intake.

Reach Your Goals & Feel Great

MissFitness tailors workouts that can be done anywhere, independent of our boutique gym facility using alternative methods to basic exercises, switching up routines to make sure they are never boring yet still challenging. Feel inspired to be your best even outside of a session.

About MissFitness

Personal & Small Group Fitness/Strength Training.

Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching.

MissFitness is a Habersham County, GA boutique providing unique, individualized Personal and Small group dynamic fitness and strength training in a fun, safe and comfortable environment. No two workouts will be the same but we will measure your success and give you a baseline. If accountability is what you need, then The food journal and Water Bottle provided when you sign-up will be just some of the tools provided for success. Guiding you through the winding road of Nutrition and even a grocery store visit or healthy prepared meal at your home are just some of the services offered. Meal Planning for those who need someone to just follow a calendar to help keep them on track. The key to wellness is starting from the ground up and taking EVERYTHING into account.

Common Reasons to Consider MissFitness:


  • Meet and Exceed your GOALS

  • Improve your Fitness

  • Build Strength

  • Understand your Nutrition

  • Lose Weight

  • Have FUN

  • Get your Butt Kicked

  • Feel Better about Yourself

  • Accountability

  • Let Missfitness get YOU to where you WANT to be

Our lives are busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel good and meet your fitness and diet goals with the help of Missy.

Meet Your Personal Trainer

Missy Hatchett, CFT

Missy Hatchett, BS from Indiana University, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Sprint & Olympic Triathlete, Half Ironman finisher, Trail Runner, Half Marathoner….
Fitness has been part of my life since I could remember. A competitive multisport athlete for many years I have always spent my free time constructing workouts for friends and family members. Giving advice on wellness, nutrition, fitness and strength training became a daily occurrence while traveling around the country in Medical Sales. After years in the corporate arena I was lacking the Passion needed to get out of bed every morning and LOVE what you do. As fate would have it I left the corporate world and decided to make my experience and everyday passion my career. I research and utilize multiple resources, take part in continuing education and am always challenging myself to learn from Fitness and Strength professionals around the country. It is extremely important for me to provide exciting, fun, challenging and results-driven training sessions.

Menu of Services

Personal & Group Training by appointment only. 

Personal Training

1:1 | 2:1 | 3:1 Personal Training

Depending on your fitness/diet/strength goals this is an Individualized half hour or hour combo of strength training and fitness with a High-Intensity Interval component. We will also focus on some targeted areas including stretching, diet, keeping a food log and other wellness components that are of concern. You will learn how to stay injury free, do the exercises approximately to maximize your outcomes while having fun. You WILL be held accountable and provided the tools to help you get to where you want to be with RESULTS.

*Packages of 5 & 10 are Available*

Nutrition Coaching

Grocery Store Trip

Spend an educational, eye-opening and fun hour in the grocery store learning how to stay focused, look beyond the shelves and changing your outlook on what you eat everyday. From great snack and meal ideas “outside of the box” that taste good and make you feel good …to reading labels, calculating what’s “good” and “bad” for you and leaving there with a totally different outlook on your time in the grocery store. You will leave with a wider knowledge and healthier outlook with a bunch of new ideas when preparing meals and your day-to-day eating.

Home Meal Prep

Life hectic? Sick of take-out or eating out? Want a nice, fairly-quick, healthy and educational evening where groceries, recipes, future meal ideas and robust eating tips are included? Let Missy prepare a delicious and nutritious dinner for you and/or your family in the comforts of YOUR HOME. It’s a fun and educational evening without the hassle of meal-planning, shopping or cooking.

Meal Planning

If your goals include eating healthier, weight loss, feeling better/stronger, taking the guesswork out of your daily meal planning or ALL of the above, then let Missy assess and prepare an individualized meal plan for you. It can be as detailed or wide open with parameters as you want, depending on your goals. This includes a free diet assessment and discussion to hold you accountable and meet your objectives.

*Gift Certificates are Available*


“Missy has provided me alternative methods to the basic exercises I have done in the past. She switches up the routine to make sure that it is never boring but is still challenging. I am able to incorporate those exercises into my routine at the gym. My grocery store visit with Missy was very beneficial, especially as a college student, I am learning to find healthy items to put into my body. She taught me how to read labels correctly, paying attention to the calories, protein, sodium, and fiber intake.”

“Missy develops an individualized, custom plan to best meet your fitness and nutrition goals.  I love that the workout is tailored for me and my goals.  One of the other things that I love best about her workouts is that I can do them anywhere; I am not dependent upon gym equipment.”

“Missy is a personal trainer that inspires to be your best even outside of a workout session.  She will send workouts and hints on nutrition on your days off to keep you inspired and working towards your goal.”

“Missy is awesome!  She is very knowledgeable and confident with her training resources and always prepares a tough workout while having fun. Missy is very attentive and understanding to individual needs and abilities.  Taking the time to make sure you understand each exercise, she demonstrates specific moves to ensure you are targeting the right areas. Working out at MissFitness gym, I thoroughly enjoyed having a boutique-style facility for private workouts. Each session is personalized and literally kicks your butt, yet leaving you feeling great.”

“What I particularly like about Missy is that she was able to identify specific changes in my diet that make a big difference in my weight loss. I had been worried that the number on my scale would never move down again. She is super helpful in sending new recipes to try and  offering fresh new ideas on accommodating a lower-calorie lifestyle. Missy is passionate about nutrition and fitness and it shows through her knowledge and enthusiasm she brings to every session.”



Missy Hatchett, CFT


Demorest, GA

By Appointment Only.